Memory Crystal Collection

A beautiful, permanent, and personalized way to encapsulate your loved one’s ashes in crystal.

Personal, Customizable

Choose from classic Pairpoint designs or consult with us on a design unique to your loved one. Seal your ashes in a beautiful memorial or embed the ashes within the crystal to achieve our Pairpoint Constellation effect.

Artisan Made

With over 180 years creating beautiful pieces, Pairpoint has made glass and crystal for royalty, museums, and fine locations around the world. Each unique piece is handcrafted by our artisans, who have passed the art of glassmaking down from generation to generation.


Your piece does not have to look like an urn. It can be artistic, sculptural, and tailored to uniquely celebrate the life of your loved one. These pieces are made to honor their life and your memory.


Digitally Connected

Point your phone at your sculpture to compile and view your favorite memories (photos, videos, writing).

Pet Owners

They’re special members of our family too. Our full glassblowing services, whether custom or already within our catalog of artistic pieces, are available to you.