Pairpoint Custom Urns, Memorials, Keepsakes

Pairpoint has a long tradition of creating custom memorials, urns, and keepsakes in glass and crystal for our customers. Whether it is a traditional urn, a sculptural memorial, or a series of keepsakes for all of the loved ones looking to have something special to remember, Pairpoint master glassblowers create the highest quality memorials.

Traditional, abstract, discreet, and uniquely personalized to honor your loved one, we work with our customers to create pieces that hold ashes or permanently encase ashes within the crystal itself.

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Pairpoint Urn

Pairpoint in Modern Luxury Weddings Magazine

Pairpoint’s collaboration with designer Firas Yousif is featured in the first issue of Modern Luxury Wedding Magazine. The crystal Unity Vase, designed by Firas, has been made by hand in limited quantities by Pairpoint’s team of artisans. See the article here.

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Authentic Bullseye Windows

Pairpoint has been making traditionally crafted bullseye (crown glass) window panes for clients for decades. Our hand-spun rondels are cut to size in-house to be professionally installed in doors, cabinets, and windows by builders and craftsmen.

Our bullseyes are available in clear, light amethyst, and a variety of other colors as well.

If you’d like more information about sourcing our handmade bullseye panes, please contact us directly.